We specialize in English <> Spanish translations. We count on advanced technology to be able to offer a quick and efficient translation service.

We help our clients to expand their own businesses, facilitating the communication with their current or potential clients, by means of accurate translations.


We keep close contact with our clients which enables us to know their needs and, therefore,

assist them when coping with obstacles due to language differences.



Moreover, we proofread and edit texts in Spanish.

We especially keep the texts integrity when working

on normative, grammar, orthography, orthotypography and lexicology of the Spanish language.


The main aim of our company is to work in order to satisfy our clients’ specific needs. Once the information we receive is processed, we follow the necessary steps from the beginning of the project to its completion and further delivery.


  • Legal                                                                         +

  • Audiovisual                                                               +

  • Technical and medical texts                                      +

  • Websites

  • Advertising content

  • Literature                                                                  +


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We do the linguistic control of the texts and further editing and proofreading once they have been translated; thus, we make sure each project is error free and the text conveys exactly the same meaning as the original.


We offer the editing and proofreading service of literary works.



Orthotypographical edition consists in:

Standardizing the typographical resources (capital letters, italics, quotation marks, among others). Cleaning the text from spelling, syntax, grammatical errors and typos.



Style editing consists in:

Checking linguistic and grammatical issues.

Reviewing and modifying the vocabulary and semantics.

Standardizing the text.



editing and



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In the translation process from Spanish into English or vice versa, we work for our clients to maximize their global presence. To achieve this goal, we adapt the text to create

a product that may be commercialized in the aimed market (cultural, functional and technical issues).


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Our staff includes teachers of English who teach the language according to our clients’ needs by means of individual, group, face to face or online lessons.


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